The Boy's Own Paper 1888.  How to Build a Banjo.

How to Build a Banjo

"The Boy's Own Paper"


December, 1888

Here's a nice project for a rainy Saturday...

"A  Boy's Own Paper" was a publication for English boys intended to provide  edifying stories and ensure representation of an underlying Christian  morality during their formative years. This weekly paper originally cost  one penny and went on sale September 18th, 1879. The following is a  December 1888 article on "How to Build a Banjo". Victorian youths must  have been quite resourceful craftsman to have completed this project.  The previous article was "How to Build A Steam Engine"! It involved  sheet brass and fabricating various valves. I'll stick to banjos.

Click on the download below to open a readable size PDF facsimile of the paper.

Boy_s_Own_Paper (pdf)


Learn to Play the Banjo in 10 Minutes


Learning  to play the banjo at a basic level is a relatively easy manner. If you  are already familiar with another string instrument like the guitar, it  should only take you about 10 minutes.  If you haven't played an  instrument before, but can hum a tune, it shouldn't take more than an  hour.  Click below for the PDF download.

10_Minute_Banj_Method (pdf)


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